Still working out whether the LMC is what you're looking for?

This page is designed to help you understand the process of becoming a member.

First off, try and meet us at the pub! ( You can find which pub we will be in - depending on the time of year - on our "Where To Find Us Page")

That will give you a feel for the club and an understanding of how it all works, what we get up to etc.

If you really can't make it down the pub then either:

1) Throw caution to the wind, join up and come along on a meet!

2) Get in touch via email ( )and we should be able to answer any queries.

Ready to Join?

There are two stages to becoming a club member:

  • Prospective Membership
    • Entitled to attend all club meets
    • Receive club newsletters
  • Full Membership
    • Receive discounts at a number of outdoor equipment shops
    • Entitled to vote at AGM and stand for the committee

To become a prospective member, all you have to do is complete these two steps:

1) Complete a membership form

2) Pay the prospective member fee (£19)

There are two ways you can do this.

To become a full member:

  • attended 3 club meets within the next 6 months
  • get voted in by the Committee

Ok, I've signed up as a Prospective Member! How do I get involved?

A Welcome Pack should get emailed to you. This includes the members handbook (a summary of how the club works), and a recent newsletter.

And ask a committee member for a meets card. The meets card not only lists all the meets (weekday climbing and weekends away), it also contains the meet leaders phone numbers so that you can call up to book, organize sharing transport or answer any questions about the meet.

My recommendation though, as well as reading the paperwork, is just come on down to the pub. It's a great place for link up with people and get questions answered, get yourself booked onto a weekend meet, organize a lift for a climbing meet etc etc.

There's also the bulletin boards if you haven't found those already?. Get signed up and join in the conversations. Also a lot of stuff gets organised on there.

Send any other enquiries to


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