Hut Bookings

Alex MacIntyre Memorial Hut - North Ballachulish, Glencoe

How to book on to a hut meet

Bookings will usually open one calendar month before the first night of the meet and are made with the Meet Leader. Booking opens earlier on some meets such as the Annual Dinner.

Bookings can be made by post or in person and must be accompanied by £20 (£10.00 per night for two nights). For longer meets the charge is £10.00 x number of nights. Cheques should be made out to Leeds Mountaineering Club. Bookings by phone do not guarantee a place. The fee is not returnable, except in mitigating circumstances and at the discretion of the Committee, not the Meet Leader.

A member can book a maximum of two places, i.e. him/herself plus one other club member.

Bookings from or on behalf of full members will only be accepted if he/she has paid the current year subscription. Bookings from, or on behalf of, prospective members will only be accepted if he/she has paid the BMC insurance and completed a prospective membership form.

Bookings received at any time on the opening date (postal or in person will be given priority over postal bookings received earlier. ( In other words, post first class the day before the opening date).

In the event that a meet is over-subscribed on the opening date, then a ballot will be conducted in the presence of at least one Committee member (other than the Meet Leader).

Members who are staying for the full number of nights for which the hut is booked will have priority over members who are booking for less than the full number of nights.

Barby at Cae Amos

When the opening date for bookings is a day when there is no postal delivery, then bookings can be received :

- on the last day when there is a delivery before the opening date

- on the day itself (i.e. hand delivered)

- on the first day when there is a delivery after the opening date.

Such bookings will have equal priority in the event of a ballot.

In the event of a member being subsequently unable to attend the meet, the place cannot be offered to another member without prior consultation with the Meet Leader, since there may be a waiting list for places. People on the waiting list take priority.

N.B. The dates of the meets refer to NIGHTS spent away, usually the Friday and Saturday.

There may seem to be a lot of rules but they are to make it fair for members, including the meet leader. Please remember this when booking for hut meets. :-)


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