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A Crookrise rainy day come goodJune 2013


Well six of us turned up. Then it rained. We all got cold.

Keith and Mike climbed a damp crease in the rain.  I rushed a light lead - Steve soloed it as the rain began. Wayne and Gaz came and joined us from further down the crag. Keith got cold in his shorts.

After a short fashion show, he and Mike went somewhere warmer.  

Meanwhile Steve led a green chimney belonging to Slingsby "because it isn't raining in here".  Gaz and Wayne had lunch. The rain stopped. Wayne led the now dry crease.   

Steve found a pile of left handed lichen to top out into. Steve and I had lunch. Gaz led a flaky wall with a scary top out. Wayne was spellbound by the even scarier route (or was it?) next door. Steve couldn't resist the warm and dry crease.   

Everybody looked at some Hovis. Steve and Wayne tried to steal it but were shaken off the starting moves a few times. The midges arrived. We all moved on to the seaside, where I led directly up an octopus and after Gaz had climbed the cats whiskers Wayne was last seen approaching a sole....


Kat Adam


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