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Ken and James, Blencathra

Origins of Leeds Mountaineering Club

Originally known as Leeds Youth Mountaineering Club, the LMC has been in existence since 1962, and is affiliated to the British Mountaineering Council. The club was formed to encourage participation in the sport and to provide a focal point for like minded people to share ideas and resources.


Although called a mountaineering club a wide range of other activities are covered in addition to snow and ice climbing. From rock climbing, walking, scrambling and backpacking to running, mountain biking and skiing.


We have a new members Tuesday social meeting once a month, which is a great way to meet a few members and find out a bit more about the club before signing up. Details on when and where we'll be are below, though it's best to drop us an email to double check there aren't any last minute changes.

From mid September to mid April we meet on the first Tuesday of every month at The Midnight Bell (here on google maps) from 9:00pm to have a natter, catch up on the gossip and make plans. ( And a lot of us climb at Leeds Wall beforehand if you fancy.)

Approximately every other weekend the club has a meet planned somewhere mountainous with things to do for everyone. These are usually in The Lake District, Wales or Scotland. On the Summer meets we tend to camp but the Winter meets are usually based in a hut as these offer better facilities, e.g. drying rooms, showers and kitchens. The facilities available vary depending on the particular hut but are generally very good.

Skiing in the Sierra Navada, Spain


There are no prerequisites in terms of ability for membership and amongst the members we have a wide range of ability, experience and age. As long as you act responsibly regarding safety you can enjoy your chosen activity at the level you want to.

Due to issues of insurance and liability the club does not offer any formal training, there are many courses available elsewhere if this is what you are looking for. Everyone is responsible for themselves, hence the minimum age requirement of 18 years. However, the meets are an excellent means of learning from the experience of others or just to team up with someone else.

The Wednesday night climbing meets in the Summer are good opportunities to learn as new members will often be offered the chance to have a go.


Written by the members for the members, 'The Newsletter' is produced quarterly/occasionally. Contents range from trip and meet reports to 'Items for Sale' and general notices. There are copies of the Leeds Mountaineering Club Newsletter in pdf format on the Newsletter Page.



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